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  • Corporate Site

    VisitMany more forms and guides can be obtained here.

  • Self Service

    VisitLog on to your self service to maintain your operating licence.

  • Guides

    DownloadAn essential guide to safe operations.

    DownloadAn essential guide to defect reporting; points to check on a daily walk around.

    Download An essential guide to EU and AETR driving hours.

    DownloadAn essential guide to PMIs, defect reporting, MOTs and all matter concerning maintenance.

  • HSE Website

    VisitLink to HSE Website.

  • Manual Handling

    DownloadHSE guide to manual handling.

  • Risk Assessments

    DownloadAn essential guide to how to conduct a risk assessment.

  • Regulations

    DownloadA basic guide to Heath and Safety Regulations.

  • PPE

    DownloadA guide to Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Enforcement

    DownloadHSE guide concerning inspection visits.

  • Tachograph simulator

    DownloadDownload and install the interactive Digital Tachograph simulator, then download the appropriate training sequence below. This is an excellent training tool for your drivers and managers. Feel free to contact us for free advice on its useage.

  • Training sequences

    DownloadActia Training Sequences

    DownloadSeimens Training Sequences

    DownloadStoneridge Training Sequences

  • Walk Around Checks (drivers)

    A fact sheet for drivers concerning their obligations, the benefits and the method of walk around checks.

  • Employed or Self Employed

    When is a worker employed, and when self employed? Employment is a complicated matter. This is VERY important and can be VERY costly to you if you get it wrong. Read our fact sheet

  • Compliance Infringement Interviews

    What topics should you regularly cover with drivers on compliance / infringement interviews? Here are some  suggestions...

  • Operator Licence Undertakings

    Every Operator has undertakings inherent to holding an operating licence - do you know what they are? Click here for a list.

  • Load safety

    Operators have an undertaking to ensure that vehicles and trailers are not overloaded and are operated within the laws (e.g. load security). Read our factsheet on load safety for more information.

  • Defect Rectification System

    There is a legal obligation, an operating licence undertaking and a duty of care to road users upon us to have an effective system of defect rectification; this factsheet gives some tips to satisfy this requirement.

  • Highway Code Online & App

    When did you last read the Highway Code? Do you know where to get a copy? DSA has released the Highway Code as a Smartphone app and it is available online – this fact sheet describes how to get it.

  • Spare Company Cards (Digital Tachographs)

    All operators of vehicles with digital tachographs need at least one company tachograph card to access their data, but how many does an operator need? Read this fact sheet to find out

  • Keeping your drivers compliant

    Keeping on top of driver infringements and related training can be time-consuming, frustrating and confusing. We have some simple tips to help the operator meet this task.

  • Keeping your Drivers Safe to Drive

    As an operator, you have a responsibility to ensure that your drivers are safe to drive and if you don’t, you could be held responsible. In order to avoid this, operators should ensure that they have a process in place. Read this fact sheet for more information.

  • Checking your drivers’ licences

    Checking your drivers’ licences is important, as you have to ensure that your drivers are legally to drive. So, what should you check and how often? Read this fact sheet for more information.

  • Checking your OCRS

    Every operator has an OCRS score and this fact sheet shows you how to check yours.

  • Health and Safety on Non-routine Tasks

    Most operators will have risk assessments covering routine and regular tasks, but what about special, one-off or non-routine tasks; what do you need to do to ensure your workers’ safety? Read this factsheet…

  • Monitoring your Roadside Encounters and MOT Pass Rate

    Roadside encounters and MOT failures can affect an operations OCRS and cause VOSA to pull an operator’s vehicles more often, so it is important that operators monitor their roadside encounters and MOT pass rate - you can read about doing so here.

  • Understanding OCRS

    The Operator Compliance Risk Score is a resource targetting method whereby VOSA calculate how much of a risk to road safety your operation might be. Learn about OCRS here.

  • Managing your Operating Licence Online

    Managing your Operating Licence is quicker and easier online and the registration is simple, you can read about doing so here.

  • PMI checklist & Driver Defect Reporting

    PMI reports and DDRs are what keep your vehicles safe and legal, so ensuring they’re done and dealt with correctly is very important. You can read more about that here.

  • PMI / DDR Comparison Procedures

    Comparing your PMI reports and Driver Defect Reports can help keep your vehicles safer. You can read more here.