Keeping your drivers compliant

Keeping on top of driver infringements and related training can be time-consuming, frustrating and confusing. We have some simple tips to help the operator fulfil the operating licence undertakings in this regard.

Each operator has an obligation to ensure that arrangements are made to ensure compliance with the various regulations. Whilst some driver infringements will not automatically result in action against the operator, such action could be taken if the operator has either failed to make correct arrangements (e.g. designed a run in such a way as will require or cause infringements) or failed to correct such infringements (e.g. allowed a driver to repeat offences month after month with no corrective action taken). See our Operator Licence Undertakings factsheet.

Feel free to download our matrix document which is intended to assist the operator in designing an appropriate and fair method to fulfil these obligations. Take a look at our model agenda for compliance / infringement interviews.

We also offer transport manager refresher training to ensure that every member of staff handling these is aware of the regulations. Unless the transport manager has a good understanding of the law then the infringement rectification process will be fatally flawed.

We also offer Driver Compliance Interviewing services:

  • Infringement Summaries
  • Interview details including summary, chart and explanation
  • The above plus an explanatory Memo
  • Practical training for your transport management staff
  • A completely outsourced service where we visit and interview your drivers at whatever time of day that necessitates

Like all of our services, this is backed by our simple, no-quibble guarantee (if you’re not delighted you don’t pay) but in addition you can call or contact us now for a free initial consultancy.

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