Public Inquiry

We're all about keeping you away from a Public Inquiry, but if you're there it's not too late to benefit from our services. We are not interested in merely 'giving you a line', however; our mission statement is to improve road safety by delivering quality training and giving comprehensive, professional advice. So if you want to really fix what has gotten you to this point, we can help.

We are not solicitors and do not pretend to be; if you need legal advice we can recommend a solicitor or work with your solicitor. Our main role is to assist you to put right the procedures that have gone wrong and help you build evidence of future adherence to the regulations. We will visit and compile a report on what has gone wrong and how to fix it.

Our report will contain valuable advice on procedures to make your operation compliant. Following of said procedures will make future enforcement events much less likely to occur and give you protection against many issues that could arise from non-compliance. Our service is always more about future compliance than merely protecting you from consequence in the current case. On occasions, where a Public Inquiry is called for a few uncomplicated issues, the report and briefing alone can be sufficient to resolve the case and representation may not be necessary.

We offer a full range of compliance advice, training and auditing services including training for transport managers both for the purpose of passing their CPC and for fulfilling Operator Licence Undertakings thereafter. We also offer a range of Driver CPC training, tachograph analysis and driver compliance interviewing. All of this is aimed at on-going compliance and demonstrating that compliance.

You can benefit from a FREE INITIAL CONSULTANCY and our simple no-quibble satisfaction guarantee on all of our services (if you’re not delighted you don’t pay). When representing at Public Inquiry this means that if the outcome is not as we predict, so long as you've followed our advice you will not pay! Call or contact us now for a free initial consultancy.