compliance infringement interview

Model agenda for compliance / infringement interviews:

Go through the driver's infringement report and, where applicable, estimate potential fines

Look at one or two charts and discuss how infringements have arisen;

look at use of mode switch to ensure that correct modes were used (e.g. other duties when delivering)

any POAs?; (in some cases, advise use of breaks instead)

evidence of walk around checks? (10 mins other duties before shift)

Look at DDRs & compare with PMIs or take into account any feedback from fitters

What about your DDR spot checking records (see our Defect Rectification System factsheet)?

At least every 3 months: Driving Licence checks (inc entitlement, address* and expiry), Driver Card expiry and Driver Qualification Card (or acquired rights – Sept 2009 – Sept 2014). *It might be worth taking a new Emergency Contact Form as an address check.

Look at record of recent interviews and our disciplinary matrix where applicable

For more help, contact us, see our Keeping your drivers Compliant factsheet or consider Transport Manager Refresher training.

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