Having spare company cards

Company cards are incredibly important to operators; they keep data on vehicle units safe by locking in and out and allow an operator to access their data on a vehicle unit. Without these cards operators run the risk of being given a fine for not downloading the data from their vehicle. So, if this card goes faulty what should the operator do?

Companies can have up to 2,232 company cards, so most can easily have two cards per depot. Having one or two spare cards means that should a company card become faulty or be lost the company can still access the data on their VU.

If you only have one card you are likely unprepared and if your card does become unusable for whatever reason you could find yourself caught out by VOSA and fined for not downloading your vehicle data, even if you explain that your card is faulty.

To protect yourself from this, you need to buy a spare company card. You can do so by requesting an application form for purchasing a company card (form SAT2A), which will cost you £38.

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