PMI/DDR Comparison Procedures

On completing a PMI any defects which should have been seen by a Driver conducting a Walk Around Check (known as Driver Reportable Defects or Daily Defect Report items) should be detailed in section one of the report form (you can access the report form here).

Whether the defect affects roadworthiness or not should be noted. Investigations should then be made into who has driven the vehicle in the seven days prior to the PMI and whether they noted the defects. 

If roadworthiness issues exist then thorough investigation should be made to ensure that the vehicle was not utilised in that condition. If it was, a disciplinary hearing should be conducted.

Where defects not affecting roadworthiness are noted on PMI but not on DDR, drivers should be instructed in the correct procedure. More than one incidence of this in any one year, or more than two in any three years, should result in escalation to disciplinary hearing.

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