Highway Code Online & App

The Highway Code is now available as a Smartphone app, which allows you to read the Highway Code, learn more about it and even test your knowledge. 

The Smartphone app isn’t the only way to read the Highway Code, DSA have published the document a number of ways since its first version in 1931. You can purchase the Highway Code in the following formats:

  • A book
  • An eBook
  • A book with British sign language
  • An interactive CD
  • A DVD with a book
  • A Smartphone app 

The Smartphone app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and the ebook is available on iBooks or the Kindle. Android users can download the Kindle app from the Play Store to buy the ebook, however it is not available for Play Books. Follow the links below to download the Highway Code: 

View the Highway Code App in the iTunes Store

View the Highway Code eBook in the iTunes Store

View the Kindle App in the Play Store

View it online at direct.gov links

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