Monitoring your Roadside Encounters and MOT Pass Rate

Roadside encounters and MOT failures can affect an operations OCRS and cause VOSA to pull an operator’s vehicles more often, so it is important that, as well as monitoring your OCRS, operators monitor their roadside encounters and MOT pass rate.

This allows operators to stay informed and take remedial action early, before the issues lead to road safety being compromised and / or prohibitions, fines and regulatory actions occurring. Doing so is simple and easy and there are a few ways to do it; the first option is to contact us, as we can do it for you. Alternatively, follow the instructions are below.

To use the service you need two letters of invitation from VOSA, then you can register. There are two ways of getting the invitations; by phone on 0300 123 9000 (you will need your Operating Licence number at hand). You can also apply online here.

If you want more advice on compliance we can offer auditing and compliance advice, click here.

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